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Engage your event participants with interactive journeys

So you’re participating in a “staff focus event” tomorrow. You’ve been there before: you arrive at 8AM in some dreary convention building, you listen to a couple of stories, participate in some workshops or sessions with your colleagues. Even though it’s interesting, that one speaker has some good stuff to say, and you learn something, you find your mind wandering to the announced barbecue at the end of the day.
That weekend, your friend who works at company “The Other Company” tells you about this corporate event he’d done. They had no predefined schedule, they didn’t even know where they had to go. They only received an e-mail with a link to an app. This app told them to head to a park in the city. Upon arrival, they were met with some of their colleagues, where they performed an assignment. The app then split up the group, and your friend had lunch with other colleagues. After a scavenger-hunt kind of day, they all got together for a barbecue, sharing their experiences.
That is GroundControl.

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Ready to go?

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Streets of Paris

Paris, France
150 participants
GroundControl was employed by an international consultancy company to guide 150 global managers through the streets of Paris in disparate groups.
Participants would partake in a morning exercise in a team, after which they would meet different colleagues for lunch, to continue in an afternoon client visit in yet a different team.
GroundControl took care of all logistics, and guided them safely through the streets.

Individual journeys

Amsterdam, Netherlands
150 participants
In Amsterdam, the focus was placed more on the individual than on the group. GroundControl allowed participants to craft their plans on their own, and to get from A to B through GPS, push messages and maps.
A support button allowed them to issue "call me requests" when they got lost or otherwise needed the organisers to help them out.

Actieve involvement

Warschau, Polen
150 deelnemers
At this corporate event in Warsaw, GroundControl was used to collect feedback from participants through questions and answers.
During an award show at the end of the week, participants could use their GroundControl apps to vote for their nomimation, after which results were immediately visualized.

Almeerse Scholen Groep

Almere, Nederland
3000+ deelnemers
GroundControl is also convenient for (longer term) strategic journeys. Almeerse Scholen Groep, a joint school board for 48 schools in the Dutch town of Almere used GroundControl to engage school boards, teachers, students and parents in a 5-months effort to adjust their corporate heading.
GroundControl is used not only on days where participants get together, but also to keep participants informed ‘at home’ of developments, and to involve hem by sending surveys and assignments periodically.


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