We are GroundControl

Engage your community with a custom app

Connect your employees, customers and event visitors with each other and with your company's mission. Create an app without using any code and enlarge engagement through smart chatbots, gamification and more.

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We've made GroundControl to help you out

GroundControl is a platform with which you create an app within minutes for things like community building, e-learning or digital onboarding. Use the GroundControl app, add your own branding or build your own custom app. With our platform, its easy to keep your audience, customers or employees aligned with your mission.

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Motivate your employees

The biggest challenge in HR is motivating and retainig your best employees. With GroundControl, you get a tool with which you can engage your organisation, offer highly interactive e-learning modules and facilitate community building among your staff.

Involve your customers

Create an app to keep your leads or customers up-to-date on your products and services. Use gamification to show them in a fun way what you have to offer. GroundControl helps you to keep your clients engaged.

Inspire your event participants

Events are not one-day endeavours anymore. Give your participants an app to prepare them for your event, well-ahead of the start of the activities. Allow them learn more about the event, sign up for subsessions and network with their peers.

Train your organisation

Create within minutes e-learning modules that have proven to be engaging and effective. Use our gamification tools to involve your audience with your mission and to make sure your users stay motivated to learn more.

But... how does it work?

We've created an accessible dashboard (our Mission Control) with which anyone can set up their own app. Need a hand? Follow one of our tutorials through your own assistant 'Major Tom', who is always ready to help. Wanna know more about Mission Control? Check out the clip below.

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