GroundControl for events

Build a community around your events

It is more important than ever to keep your event visitors engaged and involved. Not only during, but also in between events, you want to be able to reach out to them, offer networking opportunities and keep them posted on developments regarding your company. GroundControl is the platform to help you.

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Create a branded app, for every participant unique

With GroundControl, you can set up an app within a day, completely in your style. Use your app to keep people up-to-date about your company and schedule. Give your audience the possibility to interact and network.

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Organise interactive online events

Create a website in your company's style. Allow your participants to watch a personalised stream, or set up many breakout rooms with just one click. Ask your audience questions or organise a quiz: that's how you keep your participants engaged.

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Analyse your participants

Use our dynamic dashboard to see how your audience is doing. On any moment of the day, you can monitor how people use your app or (online event) site. Improve your flow accordingly, to guarantee the best results for their engagements.

Check out these features as well

Direct communication with your audience

Our dashboard helps you to stay in direct touch with your users. Receive notifications when your customers need you or need some information. With our chatinterface, you can respons immediately

Location triggers

With our location features, you can instigate a specific action once a user enters or leaves a dedicated location or area. Send them a message once they arrive in the office or come back home. Ideal for organising professional scavenger hunts.


Our platform is optimized for onboarding your employees. The first weeks on a new job can be tough. Give your new members of staff a tool with which the settling into your company becomes a little easier (and more fun).