About our platform

And in our Mission Control center, you'll get realtime data and statistics on your audience.
Allow your participants to connect with each other - also during online events.
Interact through our groundbreaking conversational interface.
GroundControl is an app, a mission control dashboard and a stunning (COVID-proof) web client to host your online event.
The app is for your event attendees, your employees, or other groups. You communicate with them through a truly interactive conversational interface. Behind that interface, we put you in control to fire messages, questions and challenges to your participants and guide them through a gamified journey.
GroundControl in short:
  • Communicate with your participants at any time, location, or based on other triggers.
  • Create segments and sub-audiences for targeted communication
  • Provide “static” information such as programme, speaker profiles, etc.
  • Allow your participants to connect with each other
  • Create competitions, scavenger hunts, secret rooms, awards
  • GroundControl provides an online environment for those participants who can or may not attend

Automated event engagement

Ever been to a corporate event by yourself and felt out of place? Ever felt you wanted to talk to someone, but you couldn’t find the right person to connect with? Human beings social beings, but it’s sometimes difficult find your spot at events. GroundControl can help by enticing participants to interact with each other through shared assignments and games. Besides, GroundControl allows you to provide all the relevant information about your event, like program, speakers profiles and locations. Interested in a fully branded app? That's possible. Please reach out for prices and more information.

Automated employee engagement

Onboarding in times of Corona is a challenge. How do you distribute information to your new employee in such a way that it sticks? How do your new employees get to know your organization and connect to their colleagues? GroundControl offers a way to take your new employee by the hand and give them a soft landing into your company.

Automated group engagement

Of course, GroundControl works with other groups as well. With our platform, you can guide any group of people through a physical location (like a city) or an interactive digital journey. With out gamification tools, you'll make sure to keep people engaged and with the networking functionality, you can help your participants to socialize. Totally Corona-proof.

Full webclient for online streaming engagement

The end of the year is coming, with many strategy sessions, celebrations and connections being jeopardized by the current pandemic. Of course, we would love for you to use GroundControl as an add-on for you physical event, but if meeting up isn't possible, GroundControl offers a fun mix of online streaming and engagement, gamification and transfer of knowledge.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or request a demo.
These features are specifically suited to dealing with COVID-19