Our services

We can help you launch your mission

Whenever you use GroundControl, you'll get access to all the features that seperates our platform from all the automated engagement products you've used before. We have created an interface that is highly accessible and intuitive in order for every project manager to take advantage of GroundControl's groundbreaking functionality. Nevertheless, we offer a range of services to help you get the most benefit out of our platform. Check out the options below to see what works best for your project.

Option A: We put you in control of GroundControl

We designed GroundControl in a way that anyone is able to manage a project. Expect a very user-friendly interface in which you have full control over your scripts and participants. Whether you are tech-savvy or relatively unknown to platforms like ours, you will be in full control of your mission. This is the default option. This option gives you free access to our instruction videos in which we explain the functionality of GroundControl.

Option B: We can help you getting familiar with GroundControl

If you like, we can help you hit the ground(control) running by facilitating one or more interactive training sessions - online or in person - on how to use GroundControl and utilize all our features. We've designed various interactive workshops in which you, your project manager or a full team is prepared to launch your mission. Our workshops are handson: we start working on your project right away.

Option C: We can fully design and organize your project

Would you feel more comfortable if we manage your project? That's also an option. We will set up one or more meetings in which we will find out what you are looking for exactly. We will dedictate one of our team members to your project who is going to use our years of experience in automated engagement. We are going to work on your GroundControl mission until you're satisfied: there is no mission impossible for our team.

Other services

In addition, we offer these services:
  • Specific templates (Corona pre-check, pub quiz, challenges)
  • Pre-final manual checkup by our team
  • Personalized branding, including dedicated app in App Store and Play Store
  • Automated triggers, based on location, beacons and other variables.
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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or request a demo.
These features are specifically suited to dealing with COVID-19